Swedish Thanksgiving?!

Hello, all. It’s been a minute. I missed blogging for a few weeks, but it is honestly because I was having so much FUN. Time is going by so quickly and I don’t want my time in Stockholm to come to an end.


Last week was thanksgiving, and my host family was so sweet to let us have a Thanksgiving dinner. They had never had some traditional thanksgiving dishes, so this was really exciting! It was also new to me because I’ve never headed up a thanksgiving dinner, I’ve always just helped with a dish here and there if I was old enough.


Thankfully, it came out delicious and the food was a hit for the most part (my youngest host sister was a bit skeptical of sweet potato casserole). My host family also invited some of their extended family to our dinner and it was so nice to have them eat with us!


Now, I have about two weeks left, so time is really winding down. I’m trying to enjoy my time here and do all the bucket list things I have left. I know I’ll come back here one day, but it’ll probably be a while and that is sad to think about. I’ve loved my time here so much and Scandinavian culture is one of my favorites. I hope that when I go home, I take the most influential pieces of my time here home with me.



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