Swedish Thanksgiving?!


Hello, all. It's been a minute. I missed blogging for a few weeks, but it is honestly because I was having so much FUN. Time is going by so quickly and I don't want my time in Stockholm to come to an end. Last week was thanksgiving, and my host family was so sweet to … Continue reading Swedish Thanksgiving?!


A Swedish Birthday!


This past Thursday shortly before 7am, I heard singing outside my bedroom door. In walked my entire host family featuring candles, balloons, presents, smiles, and a Swedish birthday song! I probably looked something like this: They had done a very good job of keeping this tradition a secret over the past few weeks, it was … Continue reading A Swedish Birthday!

Swedish football and friends!

This weekend, my host family took me to watch the football team they support here (AIK) play an opposing team (Hammarby). At home, I'm part of one of the longest American college football rivalries ever, so I was expecting something similar, but rivalries here are a bit more intense. Team supporters are separated all the … Continue reading Swedish football and friends!